What are the features and benefits of Envonet?

Envonet allows users to save time by (1) reviewing environmental and climate-related financial disclosures in one place without having to scour lengthy financial filings, (2) locating relevant disclosures in financial filings with a single click, and (3) comparing disclosures from multiple companies side by side.  Please note that the “click-through” feature does not work with Safari.

Who can benefit from Envonet?

Envonet is intended for individuals and organizations interested in the financial impacts of environmental and climate-related risk, liability and opportunity.

What disclosure framework does Envonet use?
Does Envonet publish voluntary disclosures?

No.  The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommends preparers of climate-related financial disclosures provide such disclosures in their mainstream (i.e., public) financial filings. We support the Task Force’s conclusion that climate-related financial information published in mainstream financial filings is more reliable because more stringent controls govern the production and disclosure of such information.  We provide a link to voluntary sustainability reports, where applicable, solely as a convenience to users.

Why did Envonet select these 40 companies?

We chose the same 40 companies, 20 of the largest companies in the Conventional Electricity Sector and 20 of the largest companies in the (Oil and Gas) Exploration and Production Sector, selected for study in the first iteration of the Transition Pathway Initiative.

Does Envonet plan to add additional companies?

If feedback is positive, we intend to significantly expand our company listings. Please contact us at support@envonet.com with companies you would like to see added.

Why are linked financial filings opening to the first page instead of internal pages?

When you click on hyperlinked disclosures, a new tab will open to the page within the financial filing where the disclosure appears. The Safari browser, however, instead opens to the first page of the financial filing. If you normally use Safari and wish to jump to internal pages, please try an alternative browser such as Chrome, Explorer, or Firefox.

How can I contact Envonet?

Contact us with questions or comments at grogers@envonet.com.